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Engineered Cold Cell 1613 in the Sheriff Cannon Detention Center, Charleston, South Carolina


16 Cold Cell Deaths


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16 Cold Cell Hypothermia Deaths

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1. 2003 - Illinois - Charles Platcher - Died of hypothermia in suicide watch cold cell.

2. 2003 - Columbia, South Carolina - Bobby Ray Mott - Died of hypothermia in suicide watch cold cell.

3. 2006 - Miami, Florida - Willie Daniels - Died of hypothermia in suicide watch cold cell.

4. 2008 - South Carolina - Lee Prison - Jerome Laudman - Died of complications of hypothermia and sepsis.

5. 2012 - Pompano Beach, Florida - Raleigh Priester - Died of a cumulative of hypothermia, pneumonia, dehydration, malnourishment, and a raging infection.

6. 2012 - California State Prison - Unknown Name Inmate - Inmate had repeated episodes of hypothermia in cold cell, last time killed him.

7. 2012 - Buffalo, New York - Daniel Pantera - Died of hypothermia in a solitary confinement cold cell.

8. 2014 - Detriot, Michigan - David Stojcevski - Stripped naked and locked in cold cell, died of contributions including hypothermia.

9. 2016 - Fort Wayne, Indiana - Jeremy Oswalt - Stripped naked and locked in cold cell, denied food and water, died of hypothermia,dehydration and lack of nutrition.

10. 2018 - Lake County, Illinois - Edward Robinson III - Mentally ill inmate shivered to death locked in punishment block cold cell died while nurses refused to help, death by hypothermia with core body temperature of 84 degrees.

11. 2019 - Lansing, Michigan - Joseph Hehrer - Mentally ill inmate died with body temperature of 93.6 degrees F, but was not cited as cause of death. Article Here.

12. 2021 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Marcus Morris - Mentally ill inmate died of hypothermia under the care of a nurse, who was fired. Article Here.

13. 2022 - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Jamal Crummel - 45-year-old Jamal Crummel shivered to death in a cell chilled to 62 degrees. Article Here.

14. 2022 - Fort Worth, Texas - James Carrell New - James Carrell New, 80, died on 2/19/2022 taken to the hospital for hypothermia with chest pain. He tested positive for COVID-19 a week earlier. The medical examiner declined to perform an autopsy. Article Here.

15. 2022 - DeKalb County, George - Anthony Walker - 34 year old Anthony Walker was tortured to death with hypothermia on 12/26/2022. Medical Examiner report concluded that Walker's death was caused by hypothermia. Article here.

16. 2023 - Jasper, Alabama - Anthony Mitchell - Anthony Mitchell, 33, of Alabama, died on 1/26/2023 of hypothermia, stripped naked and locked in a punishment cold cell until dead, mocked by nurses and guards. Died with a rectal temperature of 72 degrees F. This story went viral in the news cycle. Article Here.



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